• clarinets

    E-Flat Alto Clarinet – Pitched between the soprano and the bass clarinet, the alto clarinet, adds color and harmony in the lower clarinet range.


    Bass Clarinet – Pitched one octave below the standard soprano clarinet, the bass clarinet is larger in size and sound than the alto. It has a rich tone that is distinctly different from other instruments in its range.

    Soprano Clarinet – The majority of our ensemble’s members play the soprano (Bb) clarinet. Larger in size and lower in pitch than the E-flat, the soprano is known as the “standard” clarinet

    Contrabass Clarinet – The largest commonly-used clarinet, the contrabass sounds an octave lower than the bass clarinet. It is sometimes called the “pedal clarinet” because its sound mimics the pedal notes played on a pipe organ with the feet.


    E-Flat Clarinet – Smallest of the standard clarinets and higher in pitch than the more common B-flat clarinet, the E-flat is sometimes called the soprano clarinet. The E-flat clarinet is used for the higher melodies.